"The School Moto The school motto is “VIRILITER AGE-STRIVE MANFULLY”  It invites students to cultivate a positive attitude to life, a never failing  optimism and dauntless hope, despite the circumstances of life.  This encourages students to be cheerful themselves as well as spread cheer around.  It requires that one looks for the good in self and in others and that one be more ready to build than to destroy.   The Motto suggests a courageous and dynamic perceptive to life That will spur students on, beckoning them to leave behind all that may dampen their spirits on life’s way.  In short, it calls for a ceaseless striving to ever  forge ahead, bearing the torch of Truth, Purity, Courage and Industry.


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Viriliter Age
The Chronicle of the school says that it was in 1948, that the Late Rev. Fr. A. Rebello, the then principal of the school, who gave this institution with a hoary tradition at its back, this meaningful and thought provoking emblem "Viriliter Age". This adage is taken from the Epistle of St. Paul to the Corinthians, Chapter XVI Verse 13 and it literally means "Strive manfully". To all the members of the huge family of St. John's educational complex, "Viriliter Age" is a motto of infinite importance. It is an inspiration and guidance to them in their day to day work. It gives them indomitable courage, goodwill, energy and enthusiasm to go forward in their daily trials and tribulations in this world. To smile and "give a blow in the teeth of a wrong" with manly grit, to strive hard for the dispensation of justice to one and all alike and above all to play the game of life, obeying the rules of game against all odds, are all the cardinal virtues that the motto stands for. Life in this world is full of complexities and pitfalls and the protecting wings of the Alma-Mater (St. John's) provides its Alumni with all the safeguards if they with faith in God, follow this dictum "Viriliter Age". In these days of cut throat competition, nepotism and favouritism, when men and women of lofty ideals struggle to survive our school Motto is a brain-tonic that can invigorate the spirit of growing minds to go forward and "strive manfully".

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"The Patron of the school ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST was the son of Zechariah and Elizabeth. His parents belonged to a priestly family; they both lived good lives in God's sight and obeyed fully all the Lord's laws and commands. They had no children, because Elizabeth could not have any and both were very old. Give to their intense devotion, in spite of old age, the Lord blessed them with a son, and they were asked to call him 'JOHN', which means - ""Child of God"".   The child grew and developed in body and spirit in the desert where he lived like an angel. He was God's messenger. John moved in the desert baptizing and preaching. He wore clothes made of coarse camel's hair, with a leather belt round his waist, and his food was locusts and wild honey.

He baptized Jesus, with the water of the river Jordan. He asked people to turn away from sin. He found many evil men in society and called them a generation of vipers. He told officials not to take bribes and asked the “haves” to part with some of their belongings to the “have-nots”.   He even dared to tell the King it was unlawful for him to have his brother’s wife. He stood firmly for Truth and Justice and it was for these values that he was beheaded.   Like the Patron, St. John the Baptist school stands up for TRUTH, JUSTICE & PEACE in all circumstances."



St. John the Baptist children we are
Proud of and grateful for its motherly care
Under its guidance we grow as in age!
In virtue and service, in knowledge and play.

We pledge our honour, we shall ever strive
When in when out, when near when far,
With selfless service and exemplary life
To hold high the name of our ALMA MATER.

Joy in labour, pleasure in pain
That's our Motto, that's our claim,
Studies and hardwork are nothing but play,
Surely great future for us we lay. (Repeat)

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School Anthem (Old)

When in the centre of the town
This humble school was born;
The prospect looked dim and forlorn
But God has blessed us on and on.Through all the perils we have passed
The pastors all have sought
The path of virtue to instil
And knowledge generously fill. Chorus One and all with us rejoice
And seek the beacon light
From Ulhas Creek to Pokhran Point
Our song of truimph sing.


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