“A school is a building with four walls with the future within”.  Our mission is to impart quality education in the areas of curricular and extra-curricular activities to the utmost satisfaction of students and parents. We educate children as responsible and unifying members of the world community in the spirit and charisma of St.John. We expect the teacher and the student to be informed and exposed to the latest technologies.



We believe there are four steps to ACHIEVEMENT:
Plan Purposefully
Prepare Prayerfully
Proceed Positively
Pursue Persistently.



We envisage that it is not enough to stare up the stairs. One must step up the stairs to achieve success. At St John’s we work as a team and help our students climb those steps independently ,nurturing them at every step with values of Determination, Dedication, Devotion & Discipline to help them become better  WORLD citizens.


A dream becomes a goal when action is taken towards achievements. Great achievement is usually born of great sacrifice.


A process of self – actualization and learning that combines an individual’s mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual growth – is our vision and mission.







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29.16 29.2%

Pre – Primary

14.66 14.7%

Jr college

11.43 11.4%

Spl School

1.95 2%


St. John the Baptist High School and Junior College is a Catholic school in the city of Thane, Maharashtra, India dedicated to St. John the Baptist. It also has a school for children in need of special care. It is administered by the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Mumbai. The school is affiliated to the Mumbai Division Board of Secondary and Higher Education. The school/college aims at the education primarily of the Catholic community around and to the extent possible of the members of all the communities.

It was built in 1905 beside the church of the same name (built in 1663 at the same site of the old St. Anthony's Church). Built to serve Portuguese children, it was reorganized into an English school, and recognised by the Education Department as an English Teaching High School in 1938 .

The school building was due to the foresight of the reverend Pascal D'Souza. Following a stay in the United States, he worked to give a try to the broad based American system of education. The growth of the institution required a new building for St. John's School. The stately three-storeyed building, with wings spread out to the right and left, capped by an open air terrace, sprang up within a period of two and a half years thanks to the supervision of D'Souza and the efforts of architect Vyom Keshav of “Studio Arch”. D'Souza was not destined to give the final touches to it. He collapsed due to a heart attack. His remains rest on the school campus. The reverend Valerian Godinho stepped into the shoes of D'Souza. His first task was to supervise the finishing of the school building. The first students used the building in 1966.

At the request of the Educational Department, a junior college was attached to the high school from June 1979. Science and Commerce classes of the junior college started in 1979. In 1980 junior college Science and Commerce classes opened





Rev. Fr. Michael Pinto
Of all the vocations on earth, probably the most fruitful is that of a teacher – it benefits not only the one who is taught but the one who teaches you as well. That is why I thank God for the opportunity He has given me to learn and grow everyday. As Principal of St. John’s, today, I think the time is ripe for a revolution in education – to discard old ways of thinking so that we can make it relevant for our times.

For that we must remember that education is not about scoring marks. It is always about personal growth. So the best student is not one who gets maximum marks, but the one who learns every day. I have noticed often in classrooms, education becomes entirely about theory, laws, concepts, descriptions and information.
Education however should also be practically useful, providing us guidelines on how to live better. Ultimately, education does not teach us about life. It is life. That is why education should not be subject driven, it should impart life skills. Chief among them are values. To know the significance of punctuality, cleanliness, honesty, courage and services is to be truly educated. Once embedded into our character and instilled into our personality, they will sparkle in every word we speak and shine through every act we perform.

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Education does not mean rote learning and appearing for an examination. The aim of education however, should be to make one wise. Facts may be forgotten or may change, but wisdom gained from experience is a companion for life. This wisdom comes through skills like judgment, discrimination and analysis. It comes from learning the significance of problem solving, the importance of decision making as well as the need for goal setting. These tools will be an aid to students in every situation they face all through their lives.

Education must not walk the beaten path; it must be a catalyst for change in attitude, understanding and action. It must broaden our outlook, deepen our awareness and strengthen our purpose. It must make us tolerant, responsible and peace-loving. Teaching is not a job; it is a vocation, not a career but dedication. It is the process of man-making. This attitude of constant progress was summed up by Mahatma Gandhi when he said, “Live, as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

In this age of technological advancement, when the world is available at the click of a button, we present to you the history, the achievements and the philosophy of our school – "St. John the Baptist" in this website. We hope to provide you with all the information you need. May it bring you pride of the past, a vision for the future, but most importantly, a motivation to achieve in the present.

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