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“Excellence In Educating the Whole Child for Life”



It invites students to cultivate a positive attitude to life, a never failing optimism and dauntless hope, despite the circumstances of life. This encourages students to be cheerful themselves as well asspread cheer around. It requires that one looks for the good in self and in others and that one be more ready to build than to destroy.
The Motto suggests a courageous and dynamic perceptive to life that will spur students on, beckoning them to leave behind all that may dampen their spirits on life’s way. In short, it calls for a ceaseless striving to ever forge ahead, bearing the torch of Truth, Purity, Courage and Industry.



❑ UNIFORM: All students should be in their school uniform everyday.
❑ BOYS:White half-sleeved shirt, Grey long pants for High School, Grey short pants for Middle School. Maroon tie with House colour. Plain white socks and black shoes.A short hair cut is a must.
❑ Girls: White half-sleeved blouse, Grey pinafore, Maroon tie with House colour. White socks and black shoes. Either short hair above the shoulder with Black coloured hair band OR long hair plaited and tied up on both sides with Black coloured ribbons.
❑ Monsoon footwear: Black monsoon footwear is allowed but not two strap slippers.
❑ Winter: Navy Blue Sweaters with the school logo is allowed.
2)At the first bell the pupils should assemble on the quadrangle in proper order. At the second bell (4 minutes later) there should be pindrop silence. At the third bell, (4 minutes later) Prayers begin.
3)Catholic pupils are responsible to the Principal for their due performance of their religious duties. They are expected to go for confession, communion often and to assist regularly at daily mass.
4)Irregular attendance, habitual want to application, obscenity in words or acts, insubordination to teachers, any kind of cheating or serious misconduct even outside the school premises or any habit or behaviour objectionable to the good tone of the school are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of pupil.
5)Politeness and Courtesy of speech and conduct as well as cleanliness of dress and person are expected from every pupil. Any type of discourtesy or disrespect to members of the School Staff will be dealt with seriously.
6) As the school gives a vacation of six weeks in summer, three weeks in winter & one week for Christmas no other leave will be granted in the course of the year, except in case of illness, when a Medical Certificate will have to be produced.
7)Pupils who fail to be present on the reopening day after the summer, winter and Christmas vacations have to report to the school along with their parents when they resume. Pupils who come late to the school three days or more than in a month, parents have to report to the school on the next day.
8)If no notice is given in time to remove the name of the pupil from the register, the pupil’s name will be transferred at the close of the month to the register of the following month and the fee for the school on the next day.
9)If pupils, for unexplained reasons, remain absent from school for more than a month, their names will be struck off the roll and as a rule they will not be re-admitted.
10)Pupils who are late or absent must bring a written application or justification in the Absence Record in the Calendar.
11)No pupil will be excused from Physical Training without a Doctor’s Certificate and an application from the parent.
12)No books or periodicals are to be brought in school without the approval of the Principal.
13)PUPILS are not allowed to present the teachers with any gift, either in school or outside, and arrange any function in the school or outside in honour of a teacher without the consent of the Principal.
14) Pupils who are found attempting to copy by bringing manuscripts, printed matter, etc., at Examination or Unit Test will be given zero marks, subsequent to any Examination or Unit Test a pupil found to have used unfair means will be expelled from the school.
15)When moving along the corridors pupils should walk in silence and in a single unbroken file.
16) Pupils are not allowed to leave the School premises during working hours (including the short recess) without the written permission of the Principal or a written application from the Guardian signed by the Principal. FOR BREACH OF ANY OF THE SCHOOL RULES OR DISCIPLINE A PUPIL MAY BE PUNISHED OR FINED AT THE DISCRETION OF THE PRINCIPAL.
P.S. A child is like a sponge, absorbing all the time from people, situations & Places. In order to enhance this process, we have instituted a variety of Educational Clubs like Nature Club, Sports Club, Interact Club and English Club, Prayer Club, Art & Culture Club and Cyber Club.


❑ Parents or Guardians are earnestly requested to enforce on their children regularity and discipline and serious application to studies.
❑ Parents or Guardians should address their complaints or grievances to the Principal and not to the teacher.
❑ Parents will not arrange with the school teacher for any tuition without prior permission of the Principal.
❑ The syllabus for the First Semester shall comprise the portion covered from June to October & for the 2nd Semester from November to March.
❑ Hair styles are not allowed for school girls. Hair should be either short, above the shoulders with a black-coloured hair band or long plaited and tied up on both sides with black-coloured ribbons.
Applications of Mehendi strictly not allowed.


Rules related to Speech

❑ Within the school premises, always speak in English. It helps improve your Communication skills.
❑ Do not use abusive language. Speech should bond, not break.
❑ Speech shows the man. Avoid shouting, screaming, whistling & yelling. These are not decent forms of expression.
❑ Classrooms are meant for learning. Singing songs and other forms of entertainment are to be avoided.
❑ For learning to take place, it is important to pay attention. Silence in classrooms help both the teachers & you.
❑ When announcements are made, it is imperative to maintain silence, to listen attentively to what is being said.

Rules related to relationships with others:

❑ Maintain a healthy, peaceful relationship with others in school. Friendship is beautiful. Cultivate it.
❑ Be considerate towards others. Do not tease others weaker than you.
❑ Be generous with your time and talent, helping others to study and excel as well.
❑ The sign of intelligence is to assist those not as good as you in studies.
❑ Do not take your friends home, directly from school. Seek prior permission from parents or guardians.
❑ Do not push, shove or talk loudly while moving up and down the staircase.
❑ After school, do not make unnecessary phone calls to your friends.
❑ Familiarity breeds contempt. Maintain a healthy distance, especially with those of the opposite gender.
❑ While going to the AVR, Science Lab, Computer Lab, Quadrangle or the Library, do not peep into other classes and disturb those at work, walk with your hands behind.
❑ Do not butt or interrupt when you see teachers/others conversing. If the need is urgent, excuse yourself politely and then speak.
❑ Do not run or play during the recess.
❑ Use polite words while speaking.
❑ Avoid screaming near the school office/staff room/Principal’s office.
❑ Running, playing or shouting inside the school building is not allowed.

Rules related to values

❑ Be punctual to school. Be punctual in your work. Be punctual about paying your fees.
❑ Just as you value your property, so too do others. Do not steal.
❑ Hard work, like honesty is the best policy. Never copy or cheat during exams, speak the truth always.
❑ Respect everyone, Irrespective of age, gender or class. Respect teachers and the non-teaching staff.
❑ Treat knowledge as sacred. The school is a temple of learning.
❑ Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Maintain personal hygiene. Keep your clothes, your books and surrounding clean.
❑ Readers make leaders. Read the newspaper daily. Read books, other than your textbooks too.
❑ No celebrating birthdays in the school. On such occasions think of the poor.

Rules related to school property

❑ Value your school. Keep your toilets clean. Remember, others need to use it too.
❑ Do not litter you school. Pick up any piece of rubbish you see and put it into the dustbin.
❑ Do not destroy school furniture. Avoid writing on the walls and benches or playing with the chairs in the hall.
❑ A Church is the home of God. Do not play and make a loud noise near the church or the grotto.
❑ Save energy. Switch off the lights and fans, when not in use.
❑ Water is precious. Do not leave taps open.

Rules related to behaviour after school

❑ When school leaves for the day, go home directly. Do not loiter around the school premises.
❑ All problems related to the school, should be solved in the premises. Do not carry tales home, as it magnifies issues, unnecessarily.
❑ Behave well in the school bus. Don’t scream or fight.
❑ When you are delayed in school for any reason i.e. extra classes, practice, etc. inform your parents.

Rules related to belongings

❑ The school is not a place to show off. Do not bring expensive articles to school.
❑ Do not wear fancy watches as they are merely a tool for distraction.
❑ Simplicity is a virtue. Do not wear ornaments. Mehendi, or new hair styles to school.
❑ Use of mobile phones & I-Pods are strictly forbidden.
❑ Students are not allowed to enter class-rooms other than their own.

Fr. Allwyn D’Silva Fr. Michael Pinto
Manager Principal

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